Application for Adoption

When filling out the Adoption Application, we expect you to be open and honest about your answers. Please contact us via telephone if you have questions regarding the application and our placement policies. 

You will need to copy and past the application if you wish to email the application to us and send it to or you can download the pdf available at the bottom of the page. 

This adoption application is to ensure all of our puppies are placed in the best homes suited for your lifestyle, show interests and family. 

Be the next loving owner to a LakeHaven Chinese Crested! 

Full Name:
Full Address:

What type of Chinese Crested are you looking for: 

SEX:   Male   Female    

HAIR TYPE:  True Hairless, Hairy Hairless, Powderpuff    


What made you decide to purchase a Chinese Crested?


What interests you about the breed? 


Have you ever owned a dog?  YES NO  


If yes, please tell us about your dog. Include the type of breed, sex, and length owned. 


Do you have any pets presently? YES  NO  


Please tell us about them:


Do you have any children?  YES  NO  

If so, how many?  

What are their ages?  


Where do you live:  House,  Apartment, Condo,  Rent     


If you rent, may we eventually contact your landlord to established that they have granted permission for a pet? YES    NO    

Landlord's Name:     

Landlord's Phone #:     


Please list the name(s) and phone number(s) of the Veterinarian you are currently using or plan to use for your new pet.  

NAME:              PHONE:  

NAME:              PHONE:  



How are you planning on housing this dog?

Inside, Outside, Kennel Runs, Chaining, Free Roam/Yard



Where will your new pet sleep?


What plans do you have for your new pet:  

Pet, Companion, Breeding, Show, Agility, Obedience


if "other" please explain:



If Show, have you even owned a show dog? YES NO


If No, do you understand the financial commmitment required to own and campaign a show dog? YES  NO


How much do you think the cost for a weekend of showing a dog in AKC comformation competition costs?



Have you any experience in owner handling a show dog?



Do you plan to breed this animal? YES    NO    


If so, why are you interested in breeding? 



If you have no plans for breeding would you be willing to sign a spay/neuter contract? YES    NO   


If you are unable to keep this dog, FOR ANY REASON, would you be willing to contact us and ship the dog at your expense?  YES    NO   


If you checked YES, would you be willing to sign a contract agreeing to this?    YES   NO    


Please list three references with their phone number and/or email:  

NAME:          PHONE/Email:  

NAME:          PHONE/Email:  

NAME:          PHONE/Email: 


LakeHaven's Adoption Application
Please email the document to
Lake Haven's Adoption Application .pdf
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